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Supporting the ordained sangha and all kinds of dharma activities assists us in gathering the accumulations necessary to fuel and further our practice. We can take joy in the practice of generosity—the first paramita—whenever we offer something motivated by bodhicitta, whether it be good thoughts, words and actions; our dharma practice, or material support.

If you wish to support the monastics and Rinpoche’s activities through financial contribution, please visit here to make monthly or one-time donations.  Truly, no donation is too small. Everything offered with the vast motivation to benefit all beings contributes to the flourishing of the dharma and the development of our practice.

You can also support the ordained sangha in their practice by requesting prayers at

Another important way to support dharma activities is by offering your time, skills and expertise. For more information on how to get involved and make best use of your time and skills in furtherance of Rinpoche’s activities, please contact: