Annual schedule

The monastery’s rituals and educational activities are organized according to the Tibetan lunar calendar. The following is an outline of fixed yearly events.

Below you can find a list of monthly pujas that are performed whenever no yearly event take their place. In instances where there are missing dates, double dates, or double months, the timing of events may be subject to minor changes. For the corresponding dates in the Gregorian calendar and other special activities, please see here.

Tibetan Month Tibetan Date Event
1 1-3 New Year (losar) celebrations
1 8 Beginning of Tsekar Drubchen
1 15 Festival of Miraculous Displays (Chotrül Duchen)
1 16 Conclusion of the Tsekar Drubchen
1 27 Beginning of exam study period for primary school students
2 3-6 Final yearly exams for primary school students
2 8 Beginning of Ngagkso Drubchen
2 16 Conclusion of Ngagkso Drubchen
2 28 Exam results announced for all levels
3 2 Shedra and secondary school classes begin
4 8 Beginning of recitation of the collected words of the Buddha (Kangyur, aprox. 6 days)
4 15 Festival of Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment and parinirvana; Padmanāṭeśvara Puja
4 25 Rinchen Trengwa Chö Puja
4 29 Anniversary of Mipham Rinpoche; Mawey Senge Puja
5 1 Anniversary of Chokgyur Lingpa; Kunsum Rigdu Puja
5 1 Beginning of language and dharma classes for locals
5 10 Birthday of Guru Rinpoche; Tinlay Gyepa Puja
6 4 Festival of the Turning of the Wheel of Dharma; Sampa Lhundrub Puja
6 14-15 Beginning of the summer rains retreat
7 8 Sojong for Auspiciousness
7 15 Kagyü Gurtsho
7 29 Conclusion of rains retreat
7 30 Morning procession of Boudha stupa
7 30 Conclusion of language and dharma courses
8 8-10 Narak Dongdrub Puja (depending on the Nepali calendar, this may occur one month later)
8 21 Beginning of exam study period for primary school students
8 27-29 Mid-year exams for primary school students
9 22 Festival of the Buddha’s descent from heaven; Gongpa Kundü Puja
10 6 Beginning of study period for secondary school and shedra students
10 22-26 Exams for secondary school and shedra
10 28 Beginning of one month ngöndro intensive
11 27-29 Raksha Thötreng Tsal Puja
12 24 Anniversary of Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
12 25-29 Vajrakilaya
12 30 Sang

Unless noted above or other special events take place, the following pujas from the Chokling Tersar are performed monthly:

Date Puja
8 Lama Norlha
10 Thukdrub Barche Kunsel OR Sampa Lhundrub
15 Tsekar
25 Kurukullā
29 Dharmapāla puja (Ngödrub Gyatsho)
30 Ngakso OR Kunsang Thuktig